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Cheese Consultant – South Africa

Cheese Consultant – South Africa  –  Leon the Milkman has been in the dairy industry for most of his professional life.

He has been involved with most parts of it, from primary to secondary production.

He presents cheese making courses to the public and industry in South Africa and has done so since 2004.   He was also involved with the National Dairy Championships for 7 years in capacity as Steward and Judge.

Leon likes the intrigue of solving a dairy problem and is especially interested in optimizing cheese making processes and cutting energy loss, through recommending the best cheese types for a facility and market.    Choosing the right process and culture combination for each cheese type and the environment that it is made in and matured in.

Leon stays in the Western Cape of South Africa.


Cheese Consultant – South Africa – Leon the Milkman


Leon the Milkman

Dairy and Cheese Consultant

Cape Town, South Africa

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